Duke Gideon Jura

Human Fighter, ruler of the city


A strong man in his early 40s, with well kept long brown hair and intense blue eyes. He stands around 6 ft tall. His demeanor is proud, but it is clear he carries many burdens, from a life spent on the battlefield and in the court, on his shoulders and back


In his late teens and early twenties Gideon was an adventurer. Having grown up watching the original Heroes of Starfall he was drawn into a life of thrill-seeking. His last great adventure ended with his two best friends being slain by Drow in the underdark, however he rescued two sisters who wished to escape that life. One later became his wife, and the other his most trusted guard. Around the time he stopped adventuring the Dragonsreach Empire conquered Starfall and he watched as his father, Wolter, was executed before the town and he was put in place as a puppet ruler. The Councillor controlling the region, a Tiefling with pure gold eyes named Malak Darkrider, carried out the execution. Now Gideon rules the city the only way he can, doing what’s right when he can but understanding many bad things must be done in trying to keep his people safe.

Duke Gideon Jura

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